Why is core activation so important?

Core training is an extremely important concept to understand and does a lot more for your body than you think. When activating your core and being able to keep it engaged, you are actually working your abdominal's for the entirety of the workout.  Everything in the human body is connected one way or another. Your core muscles are connected to your legs, which play a major role in the way you stand, squat or even sit.

Sure we all want abs, I mean who doesn’t, right? Well core strengthening is a lot more than just the satisfaction of six pack abs. The development of a strong core actually can help to prevent back pain by making you less injury prone and help with overall alignment of the spine. Stronger abdominal's mean stronger back muscles which mean injury is a lot less likely to happen. A good way to make sure you keep your core engaged during your workout is to make sure your low back is pressed for the duration of the workout. With most exercises, aside from chest, keeping your low back pressed on certain things and not arching will activate your core without having to do just do abs alone. Your core is the center of your body, therefore needs to be strong enough to support your body weight. A strong core means better balance and stability. Most physical activity in fact is dependent on stable core muscles!

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